Facebook Fundraising for Our Car

Facebook Fundraising for Our Car

NB:. This Fundraiser has finished with a good result!

For those who do not know us: We are Jurgen and katja Hofmann and together with our five children we live in Maroamboka, Madagascar. Maroamboka is a remote rural village situated in the south-east of Madagascar in the middle of the Antanala area. The Antanala have to live and work under very harsh circumstances. They have to work hard for as little as 0,75 Euros a day. Especially after the cyclone season the area is very hard to reach by road.

It is our passion to tell the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard; to give them the chance to believe and be saved. Besides sharing the Gospel we try to help people improve their circumstances. Last year we did this by repairing, together with the locals, all water pumps in and around Maroamboka. We also help people to become aware of the importance of good hygiene. Finally we hope to be of assistance in improving the overall situation in which the people need to live.

The roads are extremely bad and even though we have a sturdy 4×4 it is not always possible to come in or out of the area. After living in Maroamboka for a year we have to the conclusion that our car needs some modifications. These modifications will help us greatly to travel in and out the area more easily and, not unimportant, more safely.

These modifications are costly. Overall all modifications on 4x4s are expensive on Madagascar. This is the reason we started this Fundraising on Facebook.

We truly hope that we can raise enough money this way. It will help the Antanala people greatly!

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